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Welcome to Nigels Farriery services page.Here is a comprehensive list of the variations of his shoeing applications/disciplines he shoes for.Please note different types of the horses work,conformation & foot type can depend on a certain shoe type/design/steel section & fit , no one shoe fits all ! & Nigel incorperates his own handmade shoes aswell as some of the best manufactured horse shoe technology in the world.Nigel also has vast experience in both Remedial/Surgical shoeing having worked at the Laminitis Clinic for world known specialist Robert Eustace FRCVS.You can find the (TLC)Laminitis Clinic website link below.

  • Showjumping/Eventing/Dressage
  • Hunting/Polo/Racing/Endurance
  • Driving
  • Shire Shoeing (For work & the showring)
  • Surgical/Remedial shoeing
  • Imprint shoes (Laminitic support & sports shoe applications) 
  • Natural Balance shoeing & Equine Digital Support Systems
  • Complicated Hoof crack repair
  • Remedial foal care for ALD,s (Angular Limb Deformaties)
  • The use of the latest shoeing technology methods and materials where appropriate.
  •  Hoof balance/attaining positive Hoof Capsule Response (HCR) using unique trimming methods 
  • Static & Dynamic evaluation
  • Laminitic Remedial trimming


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The Lamnitis clinic has a help line number the link above to find out more.


Formula Feet is a effective hoof nutritional supplyment developed by Robert Eustace FRCVS at the Laminitis Clinc along with many other products.