Farrier Training

Nigels Farrier TrainingFarriery is an amazing trade/craft with over 3000 years of history and use of the horse .The aim then was to keep the horse sound and in work just as it is now, although the use of the horse has changed some what. In England further improvement of shoeing standards started in 1356 the farriers of the city of London were called together by the Lord Mayor to improve horseshoeing standards thus forming the Worshipful Company of Farriers.In 1674 the first Charter was granted by King Charles II "For preserving the horse by skilled persons in Horseshoeing" .A court in 1887 appointed a commitee to establish a register of farriers and a setting of examinations to gain access as a "Registerd Shoeing Smith".Voluntary Higher examinations were introduced in 1907 the AFCL (AWCF today)& in 1923 the FWCF the highest accolade in Farriery .Our improvement of standards continues today  through apprenticeships,Graduate & post graduate higher examinations,courses,seminars & farriery competition.For some time Qualified members of professional bodies are increasingly being required to undertake a" Continue Professional Development"course ,C.P.D (UK only) in order that the high standards they had to achieve to become qualified are maintained whilst they continue to practice in their chosen professions.This CPD system is now moving forward to include the Farriery profession, which increases practical ability & knowledge of the trade to ultimately benefits the very Horse itself.Click on the new website link  below which will give comprehensive information on CPD Training ,Venues and clinics all around the UK.


 Further Farrier Education & Training

Nigel now offers practical clinics to Farriers who wish to improve their skills on a one to one or a small group basis incorporating many disciplines in shoemaking & forging skills from "preparing for examinations" to "further assessments" in farriery.All these clinics are recognised and approved by the Worshipful Company of Farriers gaining a minimum of 4 CPD points.




 Tool & Fullered C&W


For any areas in Farriery & Forging skills , including;

  • Concave shoemaking
  • Making barshoes from concave & flat sections
  • Plain stamp shoemaking
  • Fullered / Roadster shoemaking
  • Remedial & theraputc shoemaking & fabrication
  • Hunter shoemaking 
  • Tool & Fullering / Making of Tooling Blocks 
  • Fire welding/Jump welding/Gas welding 
  • Aluminium shoemaking/welding
  • Tong  making
  • Making Farriers pincers/Pull offs 
  • Tool making & maintenance /Hammer shaft applications
  • "ATF assessment" preparation clinics
  • "DWCF Examination" practical preparation clinics 
  •  "AWCF Examination practical preparation Clinics
  • Heavy horse shoemaking/Bevels & Working shoes
  • Farriery Competition preparation/Structure/Practice plan
  • Complicated hoof Crack repair

All the Clinics held are on a demonstration & hands on basis,giving a chance for farriers to observe then carry out the tasks through practice with further tutoring & guidence.

These clinics are a good practical way to attain  further skills on a small group basis from 1 to 4 people. For price information on any of these clinics please contact Nigel through this website at the booking/Enquiry link.









 Some of the Clinics listed below do have dates with them listed  . However there are others listed and they do not , these are possible clinics that can be held at any time . If you see a clinic that would be of interest that does not have a current date then feel free to contact Nigel . If enough interest is forthcoming then Nigel will be able to issue dates for these clinics. Alternatively you can form and book your own group of Farriers for a clinic


Upcoming Clinics...

 Concave Shoemaking Day.TBC

  • Attaining shape/Balance/clean finish             Concave Clinic
  • Helpful forging techniques Looking after concave sections when forging
  • Covering foot shapes
  • Various clipping methods
  • Concave tool precision/stamps/Pritchels
  • Hunter heel applications

A chance to gain some helpful information on a small group tutored basis.4 CPD points.    Cost per person £150+VAT@20% Limited to 4 places.Lunch & refreshments provided. 

 Tool & Fullering Clinic Day TBC

  • Making Tool & Fullered Bar Shoes & Hunter Calkin & wedges
  • Principles to preparing section through block
  • Practical guidence to the use of Guide/Splitters/Fullers
  • Forging & turning a tooled section successfully
  • Clipping methods
  • Guidence for Block set up & Tool precision

This is a real hands on day with demonstrations throughout ! A chance to gain some very helpful hints in this true traditional shoemaking art ! Small group basis limited to 4 and will form teams of 2 for striking purposes. 4 CPD points . Cost per Person £150+VAT@20% Lunch & refreshments provided.

.....ATF Shoemaking preperation Clinic

  • Concave & Bar shoe forging criteria
  • Fullering demonstrations/Guidance
  • Structuring/Format/forging heats for assessment time,effective fire use
  • Tool precision and use

A helpful insite for preperation for an ATF practical assessment on a small group basis.Cost per person £150+VAT@20% Limited to 4 places.Lunch & refreshments provided.

TBC Roadster Shoemaking Day

  • Making Front/Hind fullered Roadster Shoes
  • The  Roadster Calk & Wedge
  • Incorperating Bumping criteria/heel forging
  • Forging a crisp section with effective fullering
  • Forging lighter flat sections with success
  • Clipping methods

Purely a flat section fullering day ! Brush up your roadster shoe making with helpful hints for that crisper roadster! Small group basis LTD to 4 hands on with demonstrations in all areas.Cost per person £150+VAT@20%. 4 CPD points.Lunch & refreshments provided.

TBC .....Tongs & Barshoe Clinic with Andrew Casserly & Nigel Fennell.

Dont miss this one!!! Andrew & Nigel have competed many times together over the years in pairs classes,including the World Championships 2 man & 4 Man classes. Andrew has competed for 25 years been National Champion , Reserve World Champion and represented the England Horseshoeing team on many occasions.

  • Tong Making (forging criteria,design & fitting)
  • Tong Forging set up for Sections
  • Forging tong head designs with use of billets
  • Barshoe making from flat section
  • Attaining shape & balance
  • Bar & scarf set up
  • Firewelding tips & Forging

This is a chance to gain some very helpful information in Two quite different areas of forging disciplines . At the end of the clinic Andrew & Nigel will (for a bit of fun!!) demonstrate a Tong & shoe class on a time limit similar to the world Championships. This clinic is has only 4 places and it will be hands on after demonstrations .It will be a busy day !! .Cost per person £175+VAT@20%. 4 CPD points.Lunch & refreshments provided. 

 TBC.......   The Italian Job !

Want to explore new shoemaking skills?Fancy something different ? A days clinic on Italian shoemaking ? If so then Nigel will demonstrate some of these unique shoe patterns that earned him 2 European show championships in Italy along with 3 England team Italian show titles .Some of the shoes demonstrated will include,

  • Italian showjumping hind
  • Pony Carriage shoe (folded Calks)
  • Fullered Italian front shoe
  • Italian Bar shoe
  • Demonstration on Clipping "Italian Style"


This will involve various demonstrations on the making of this truly unique shoes,incorporating the many forging elements required in Italian shoemaking .This clinic is limited to 4 places . Cost per person £150+VAT@20% .4 CPD points. Lunch & refreshments provided.

TBC .Barshoe making Clinic.

  • Barshoe making from concave & Flat
  • Attaining shape &Balance
  • Bar & scarf set up
  • Firewelding tips & set up
  • Heart bar formation and forging

This is again a demonstration and hands on day .Limited to 4 places.Cost per person £150+VAT@20%. 4 CPD points,lunch and refreshments provided.

TBC......Tooling Block Making Day

This day is purely a block making day for the art of Tool & Fullering. Nigel will demonstrate how he produces these blocks from scratch,prepares the sections ,and the case hardening procedures to get the best life from your blocks once they are made and the important procedures to their function.This day is limited to 4 places and 4 blocks will be made ,all the blocks will be tooled for testing upon their completion . 

This is limited to 4 places. Cost per person £200+VAT@20%. 4 CPD Points, lunch and refreshments provided.

Tongmaking Clinic TBC

For those interest in some thing a bit different ! Nigel will demonstrate the art of Tong making from billets.Nigels success in this field of forging has included top five placing at the World Champion Blacksmiths Competition in  Calgary & Tong making Champion at the Royal Show.The day will be hands on after the demonstrations .This is limited to 4 places . Cost per person £150+VAT@20 . 4 CPD Points , lunch & refreshments provided.




TBC..... Calkin & Wedge Shoemaking Clinic
  • Step by step forging of both Heel disciplines
  • Hunter Calkin & Wedge
  • Roadster Calkin & Wedge

A day devoted to the forging of these heels & shoes.Including a break down in the important forging moves . The morning will start with the hunter Calkin & Wedge moving onto the Roadster in the afternoon. Cost per person, £150+VAT@20%

TBC ...........Hunter Shoemaking Clinic

This day is purley for the making of Concave Hunter shoemaking incorperating,

  • Turning , Shape & Balance
  • Correct Forging set up and Hot Rasping Techniques of the Hunter Heel
  • Demonstration of the Hunter Calkin & Wedge
  • Hunter heel formation forging tips on wider concave sections
This is a demonstration and hands on day to develope your concave hunter skills , limited to 4 places and worth 4 CPD points, lunch and refreshments provided. Cost per person £150+20%VAT.

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You can book an up coming clinic,or organise your own ,pick any area of Farriery you would like to have a days clinic and for how many 1 to 4 farriers then contact Nigel above.Any enquirys for clinics abroad are also catered for and welcome.